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 Youngth Rules

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Children Age and Time Policies:
- 4 weeks - Young
- 4 weeks - Adolescent
- Adulthood

No one under i weeks of age may use adult avatars for any reason in this dream, you may not adopt, you may not have kids, you may not go into heat, you may not yiff, you may not have a mate or mates, etc. Any attempts of this will lead you to receiving one warning, if you do not follow the rules and what is asked you will be banned from the dream. (I am from another dream! Does not cut it as an excuse either, All dreams have different rules and you're required to read and follow them to stay in the dream)

You are required to place in your description your date of birth. You may place the date in which your next stage of life is.

Parent-less Young:
- To avoid over population of parent-less young, you're given 1-2 weeks to find parents, if you're under 6 weeks of age you're required to A. re-create your character, B. At least find a guardian or potential caretaker or C. You'll be considered deceased.
- This rules is not heavily enforced, there isn't that large of a population of young, and most of the time parent-less or not, the characters wind up amounting to something. This is stressed only if needed.

Crushes and Mates:
- Crushes are allowed to adolescents and adults. If an adolescent is to take on a crush, their actions will be monitored as we do not allow any young to take part in adult RP situations.
- Mates and Crushes are allowed to anyone with an adult character, Aka: A character 12 weeks and older..
- You're required to be in an adult form to take on a mate.

How to RP the first 4 weeks of life:
Age newborn to 1 week.
1.) Can't See, Talk, Hear, Walk and has no teeth.
2.) Depends on the mom, Dad, & pack for everything.
3.) Helpless and can't fight

Age two to three weeks
1.) Can see, hear, talk, and walk
2.) Can move around the den freely. But still need Mom, Dad, & Pack to protect them
3.) Begains to play fight and cut there teeth

Age three to four weeks
1.) Has there teeth
2.) Mom and dad start to teach them to hunt
3.) Can somewhat protect themself but still need there mom, dad, & the pack. Can be killed easly if not careful

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Youngth Rules
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