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 Dream Updates

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PostSubject: Dream Updates   Dream Updates EmptyTue Feb 07, 2012 7:52 am

-=Thursday February 9th 2012=- Added in Moon Phases, Sun, and emit of time when clicking the moon or sun button

-=Wednesday February 8th 2012=- Added mountain Loner Den 4. Added Forum button. Added Dice button for rolling 1d6 to desided the order you rp in.. Added Auto Day and Night..

-=Tuesday February 7th 2012=- Got the new dream skin mostly done worked on it from 5am to 5:30pm today all the buttons are added now I just have to code the skin buttons the way I want them once I have the other codeing I need for it.. Paid for the Dragon set 2 from Vai..

-=Monday February 6th 2012=- Dream pack added and The Glade's is born.. Forum made and lay out started..

-=Wednesday April 3rd 2013=- Dusted the dream off edited the the dream a bit.. Added a Silver Sponser to the dream for now til' I can get the dream up and running again.. Adding Angel wing and bat winged hounds... And uploaded in FurN..
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Dream Updates
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